Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bridging Worlds

"Yes, it is The Arcturian Councll of Light coming at this time to speak to Lightworkers: You are walking between worlds now. Already, you go from the old to the new and back again. You weave, you bridge, you blast with the Light. You create the New World. Never doubt that you are here to do this, and we are with you.

Place your grounding within the New World now. This will hold you steady against the tsunamis of deconstruction in the old world. In the light of the crystalline grid lies all you will need to continue the construction. In the days to come, these new creations will be seen and enjoyed by all on the physical plane.

We rejoice and stand steadfastly with you."

Offered by The Arcturian Council of Light through Annanandia Denine.