Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Light Revolution

Dearest Ones -

It is The Arcturian Council of Light with Mother Mary. There is a revolution raging, and we are all in it. Those who are still rubbing the sleep from their eyes may not even be aware of its occurrence, but more are awakening in every moment to the truth of knowing held dormant within them; awakening to the role each One plays in the holding of the Light.

BE the Light that you are. As storm clouds of darkness may blow by, join hands with one another, and stand in your Light. Beam it out into the chaos, into the darkness, into the suffering and into the World. The days ahead will hold many opportunities to hold the Light on a united front, pressing forward an agenda of balanced New Earth harmony as the old tyrannies and inequities fall away.

Be of strong heart, love one another. Hold fast to the knowing that we stand ever at your side, and together we cannot be defeated.

Offered by Mother Mary and the Arcturian Council of Light through Annanandia-Denine

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Metatron's Cube - The Mind of God

There is a construct of energy known to you as your auric field. Recently, this field has been upgraded into a considerably higher vibrating energy construct. A number of you now reading this are holding activated within your auric field the construct known as Metatron's Cube.

This is a construct of energy that will serve you greatly in maintaining the balance needed in the next phase of deconstruction on Earth. This phase will be 3-4 months of your time, approximately, and the chaos will intensify. Fear not. Feel the spinning of your auric constructs, which safely contain you and inform you as a bearer of the Light and a bearer of the New Earth seeds for the templates that together we are erecting, embedding, weaving and amplifying on the Earth. During this next phase, it would assist you to daily tend the construct and integrity of your auric field of light so that auric bleeding is minimal to zero. You serve as stabilizers in this next wave of chaos and cannot do so if you yourself are incapacitated or drained.

Additionally, the gemstone of light that is your crystalline, inner Self is held in sacred stillness during this great wave of deconstruction of non-crystalline constructs. You hold within you the elixirs, the codes and the knowing that is necessary in embodied form for the next phase.

Support one another, love all, and continue to follow the path of liberation from duality that has been proclaimed. Laugh, and cry, with one another whenever possible. Remember your higher perspective with great compassion for the human perception and experience as these next days unfold.

In great love and appreciation, The Arcturian Council of Light
Offered through Annanandia-Denine

--Note from Denine: Google "Metatron's Cube" for pictures and detailed explanation of the sacred geometry involved. It illustrates the mental aspect of the Universe: God Mind.

Recent events have activated codes within many - this is allowing powerful constructs within our auric field to "turn on", when you have reached a point of preparation to utilize them appropriately. Spend time in meditation to receive information and to feel these changes within you. Talk with other like-minded people.

For a number of comprehensive channellings about care of the auric field (especially during air travel), see www.earth-keeper.com (James Tyberonn's channels of Metatron). Listen to your inner guidance about when, where and if to travel in these next months.

In Lak'ech* - Denine

(*Mayan greeting: In you I see another me, in me another you.)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Quake and Tsunami Energies

Dearests - We are here, The Arcturian Council of Light, showering you with light and with love. It is for the highest that these events have occurred and will continue to occur. These quake and tsunami energies are re-balancing and harmonizing Earth and are a necessary part of rehabilitating the planet's energetic and physical body, as well as your own.

Those in Japan and other heavily impacted places can surely use your love, compassion and help. Those who are sensitive to the changes in the Earth's dynamic energies will also benefit from some support. If you are one of these, be in the water when and where it is safe. Even the bathtub is very good. Image the water in your body being as One with the Water Element Feel all reverberations in the water being easily accommodated.

So it is we shower you with a great inpouring of light to assist in this process, most especially in this next week leading up to the Spring Equinox. Rest in the knowing that all is exactly in divine keeping and that you are deeply loved.

The Arturian Council of Light
Offered through Annanandia-Denine

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

9th Wave of Consciousness Begins...

As the Mayan 9th Wave of Consciousness begins on 3-9-11, the final wave of this era, so are the constructs of old realities falling away. Release old patterns and all that no longer resonates truly in your heart. As you free yourself from the bondage of burdens that can finally be laid down, so will you form connections within the new templates of energy that hold all you have dreamed of.

We implore you with the deep loving truth: release despair and doubts that are connected to past experience and perceived failures that you may break free into the new age where all becomes possible.

Locate the deep knowing that dwells in your inner heart. This will tell you the absolute truth of why you are here now.

In great celebration of the momentum that you now create, we are, The Arcturian Council of Light.

Offered through Annanandia-Denine