Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Antarian Field of Light

Greetings Everyone - During my recent trip to Hawaii, there was a wonderful unfoldment of grounding in a new Field of Light. This is being brought to us by the Antarians, and is a fifth dimensional field of light. They are calling it the Field of Ten Thousand Blessings. This is truly a self-explanatary title! This field of light is grounding geographically into places where the upper fourth dimensional Arcturian grid of light in the Cyrstalline Grid of Mother Gaia has been developed enough to receive it. Many people have been working (sometimes without actually being aware of it!) to ground this Arcturian grid for years now. There are places, like on the flank of Haleakala on Maui and on Kauai, where this has reached a level of being ready to receive the grounding of this 5th dimensional Antarian Field of Light, which grounds into the Arcturian grid (somewhat like a pop-up tent is staked into the ground). There are lightworkers who are presently serving as the channels to anchor this energy into the grid in a number of places around the Earth. This results in a new, more highly vibrating reality in these areas for everyone. Once you have aligned your vibration with this energy, you can also carry it with you. You can create within it, and you can share it as a blessing. It does require a conscious shift in how you are holding yourself; I refer primarily to your thoughts and emotions. As you practice consciously aligning yourself with the Antarian Field of Light, it will become much easier to hold your thoughts and emotions in a range that will feel better than in the past and also much more easily allow you to utilize the principles of conscious creating for your benefit and the benefit of all. I shot a brief video with a mini meditation at one of the sites on Kauai where an anchoring of the Antarian Field of Ten Thousand Blessings has occurred. It is posted on Denine's Channel for EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS. Please listen and look at this 6 min, 7 sec video. Some of you will be able to visually "see" the energy, some of you will feel it or experience it in different ways. This is also a way to realign yourself with this field of light when certain experiences, thoughts and emotions running through you have pulled you out of alignment. You may want to view it often, in addition to whatever other practices you have that assist in bringing you more and more consistently into a balanced state. I have just returned to Tennessee and will be anchoring the Antarian Field of Light here at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains. If you feel drawn to work more deeply with this Field of Light and want some help to do so, please contact me for a phone session. May we all be harmonized and blessed - Denine