Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rest in the knowing...

Here in the higher realms of Light, we commune in the soft, strong joy of knowing you will ascend and that the planet Earth has reached the point of no return in the unfoldment of her rebirth. Much of what you see and some label as a disaster or severe weather event is in fact Mother Earth restoring balance and upgrading the energetics where flow was blocked and could not move with the gradual changes over time.

So it is with you and your body beings. Many will transition into the new energy in the body they are presently in with clearings and upgrades; others will go into another form. This is a perfect unfolding from your higher perspective. From a human perspective, we understand it might at times grieve or frighten you. Reach out for your higher knowing of the reality that all is One, without separation. Call upon us to stream in the new high frequencies to you. This will hasten the lightening of any heavy emotion and grant you an ease that has been scarce in the human experience for these many years. Know that we wait for your invitation to make this connection by asking for it, and we will be there with sustaining light. As you connect to this nourishment, life becomes easier, and much becomes possible that you may have thought not. Rest in this knowing.

Offered through Annanandia-Denine

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Creation in the Arcturian Fields of Light

"It is We, The Arcturian Council of Light, coming forward through this being to present you with the energetic knowing that we are with you in great love and fellowship to assist in the creations that many have held in their hearts and minds for so long.

As we lay down the templates of manifestation, those of you who are Bearers of the Light will find your way into connection with these strands of light and weave within them your own pattern. The designs of sacred geometry that you create are from the templates we are offering, yet your unique energy pattern and soul purpose will color it in distinct ways. Call to you that which is yours. Stand up in your own Beingness and ask, if you will, to be connected to the streams of light that offer to you the fullest expression of all you came to be and experience. Play with us in these Fields of Light, and you live your fifth dimensional reality now.

The Fields of Light that we are creating interface directly with the physical plane. Therefore, your connection to these templates of creation is not as an esoteric exercise, but an actual connection at the physical-energetic interface of Earth and You. Our channel and "tour guide" is facilitating this process by bringing those of you who are interested into an actual location where we are actively laying down these templates.

A number of you have been to places where we are laying down these templates of light and have felt deep peace and upliftment there. Some of you are Souls with special talents for assisting in the creation of these Fields of Light. This exists as an ancient knowing within you. The recognition and remembering of your relationship to us is now unfolding.

Our Blessings to you."

Offered through Annanandia-Denine