Friday, December 9, 2011

Negotiating the 4th Dimension

"It is Lenoria, of the Arcturian Council of Light. We are with you, as you would say, strongly now. Yes, a male energy word! It is time to DO, to offer, to move some old energy out. Sing a carol of praise to the Light and to the unfoldment of humankind. We do wish for all to be NOW more involved in their own personal evolution, for truly, participation is required if you would pass embodied through the gateways of 2012. The cleansing has continued, at what many of you have referred to as "at a fever pitch." Now, as you pass through a time of amplified fire energy this December, this will never be more true. For those who can observe with some detachment the passing of old beliefs, old judgments, old resentments and old hatreds from their own fields and from the World, there will yet be Peace within this holiday season. For those who can lovingly hold in thought and in feeling the truth that they, and others, are divine and beautiful Beings, so they will rise in vibration above the chaotic dregs that roil in an ocean of chaos as 3rd-dimensional time continues to collapse. On the heels of the eclipse energy and the approach of Winter Solstice, you are being pushed quite powerfully into the 4th dimension. Those who unconsciously wash with the tide into lower 4th dimensional realms will find themselves buffeted about by the negative thought forms of humanity that are coalesced in that space. Instead, we suggest to you to offer yourself up to regarding beauty every day and to consciously place one's focus upon the positive. Be present in this now moment regarding that which feels good to you as much as possible, and you will surely evolve into the upper realms of 4th-dimensional vibration. There you will feel peaceful, and find greater ease in all of life. It is there that you will become self-generating and free of the old pull of your own old negative projections and those of all 3rd dimensional Earthly history. Be involved in the expansion of your own conscious mind. Reclaim your mid-brain from a fear-driven mentality, and allow it to be rewired by the waves of highly vibrating energy bathing Earth and your own bodily self, even now as you are reading this. Commit to finding ways to further practice this, and you will gift yourself this holiday season with a Pearl beyond price. We come in mastery of the 4th dimension, offering our love and our assistance to all who wish to participate in the conscious upliftment of humanity on Planet Earth." Given by Lenoria, Representative of The Arcturian Council of Light through Annanandia Denine Note from Denine: The process described above is a very physical thing, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual. Get good bodywork as needed. If you feel mired in old energetics in any way and want further support, I am continuing to offer phone sessions to assist in clearing, anchoring in connection to higher/5D vibration and working with you to recalibrate and balance. Be patient with yourself and others. We are learning new techniques for negotiating our way ever more smoothly into these higher planes of reality. (Sessions are $25/per 15-min block of time spent. Email me at to schedule.) A Blessed holiday and Solstice to all, Denine -- More information about phone sessions or bodywork with Denine is available on her website at