Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Light Revolution

Dearest Ones -

It is The Arcturian Council of Light with Mother Mary. There is a revolution raging, and we are all in it. Those who are still rubbing the sleep from their eyes may not even be aware of its occurrence, but more are awakening in every moment to the truth of knowing held dormant within them; awakening to the role each One plays in the holding of the Light.

BE the Light that you are. As storm clouds of darkness may blow by, join hands with one another, and stand in your Light. Beam it out into the chaos, into the darkness, into the suffering and into the World. The days ahead will hold many opportunities to hold the Light on a united front, pressing forward an agenda of balanced New Earth harmony as the old tyrannies and inequities fall away.

Be of strong heart, love one another. Hold fast to the knowing that we stand ever at your side, and together we cannot be defeated.

Offered by Mother Mary and the Arcturian Council of Light through Annanandia-Denine