Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Antarian Field of Light

Greetings Everyone - During my recent trip to Hawaii, there was a wonderful unfoldment of grounding in a new Field of Light. This is being brought to us by the Antarians, and is a fifth dimensional field of light. They are calling it the Field of Ten Thousand Blessings. This is truly a self-explanatary title! This field of light is grounding geographically into places where the upper fourth dimensional Arcturian grid of light in the Cyrstalline Grid of Mother Gaia has been developed enough to receive it. Many people have been working (sometimes without actually being aware of it!) to ground this Arcturian grid for years now. There are places, like on the flank of Haleakala on Maui and on Kauai, where this has reached a level of being ready to receive the grounding of this 5th dimensional Antarian Field of Light, which grounds into the Arcturian grid (somewhat like a pop-up tent is staked into the ground). There are lightworkers who are presently serving as the channels to anchor this energy into the grid in a number of places around the Earth. This results in a new, more highly vibrating reality in these areas for everyone. Once you have aligned your vibration with this energy, you can also carry it with you. You can create within it, and you can share it as a blessing. It does require a conscious shift in how you are holding yourself; I refer primarily to your thoughts and emotions. As you practice consciously aligning yourself with the Antarian Field of Light, it will become much easier to hold your thoughts and emotions in a range that will feel better than in the past and also much more easily allow you to utilize the principles of conscious creating for your benefit and the benefit of all. I shot a brief video with a mini meditation at one of the sites on Kauai where an anchoring of the Antarian Field of Ten Thousand Blessings has occurred. It is posted on Denine's Channel for EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS. Please listen and look at this 6 min, 7 sec video. Some of you will be able to visually "see" the energy, some of you will feel it or experience it in different ways. This is also a way to realign yourself with this field of light when certain experiences, thoughts and emotions running through you have pulled you out of alignment. You may want to view it often, in addition to whatever other practices you have that assist in bringing you more and more consistently into a balanced state. I have just returned to Tennessee and will be anchoring the Antarian Field of Light here at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains. If you feel drawn to work more deeply with this Field of Light and want some help to do so, please contact me for a phone session. May we all be harmonized and blessed - Denine

Friday, December 9, 2011

Negotiating the 4th Dimension

"It is Lenoria, of the Arcturian Council of Light. We are with you, as you would say, strongly now. Yes, a male energy word! It is time to DO, to offer, to move some old energy out. Sing a carol of praise to the Light and to the unfoldment of humankind. We do wish for all to be NOW more involved in their own personal evolution, for truly, participation is required if you would pass embodied through the gateways of 2012. The cleansing has continued, at what many of you have referred to as "at a fever pitch." Now, as you pass through a time of amplified fire energy this December, this will never be more true. For those who can observe with some detachment the passing of old beliefs, old judgments, old resentments and old hatreds from their own fields and from the World, there will yet be Peace within this holiday season. For those who can lovingly hold in thought and in feeling the truth that they, and others, are divine and beautiful Beings, so they will rise in vibration above the chaotic dregs that roil in an ocean of chaos as 3rd-dimensional time continues to collapse. On the heels of the eclipse energy and the approach of Winter Solstice, you are being pushed quite powerfully into the 4th dimension. Those who unconsciously wash with the tide into lower 4th dimensional realms will find themselves buffeted about by the negative thought forms of humanity that are coalesced in that space. Instead, we suggest to you to offer yourself up to regarding beauty every day and to consciously place one's focus upon the positive. Be present in this now moment regarding that which feels good to you as much as possible, and you will surely evolve into the upper realms of 4th-dimensional vibration. There you will feel peaceful, and find greater ease in all of life. It is there that you will become self-generating and free of the old pull of your own old negative projections and those of all 3rd dimensional Earthly history. Be involved in the expansion of your own conscious mind. Reclaim your mid-brain from a fear-driven mentality, and allow it to be rewired by the waves of highly vibrating energy bathing Earth and your own bodily self, even now as you are reading this. Commit to finding ways to further practice this, and you will gift yourself this holiday season with a Pearl beyond price. We come in mastery of the 4th dimension, offering our love and our assistance to all who wish to participate in the conscious upliftment of humanity on Planet Earth." Given by Lenoria, Representative of The Arcturian Council of Light through Annanandia Denine Note from Denine: The process described above is a very physical thing, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual. Get good bodywork as needed. If you feel mired in old energetics in any way and want further support, I am continuing to offer phone sessions to assist in clearing, anchoring in connection to higher/5D vibration and working with you to recalibrate and balance. Be patient with yourself and others. We are learning new techniques for negotiating our way ever more smoothly into these higher planes of reality. (Sessions are $25/per 15-min block of time spent. Email me at to schedule.) A Blessed holiday and Solstice to all, Denine -- More information about phone sessions or bodywork with Denine is available on her website at

Thursday, November 10, 2011

11-11-11 Lightening Strike

Dearest Ones -

"Today is truly the Christ-Mas Eve of the New Age. For with the 11-11-11 comes an inpouring of pure Christ Consciousness that is like a Lightening Strike of pure love and truth. The Earth will rock with the vibration of it. The very concept of Love on Planet Earth in the minds of humanity will begin to shift and change into a 5th dimensional model of True Love.

For this, man, woman and child will give up the grasping and hoarding that has held sway among you for so many years of your time. It is with great interest and awe we watch, and offer our expertise to you, as you become open to receive it, in assistance to this magnificent planetary evolution."

given by the Arcturian Council of Light, through Annanandia Denine
On 11-10-11 at the Great Smoky Mtns, TN

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bridging Worlds

"Yes, it is The Arcturian Councll of Light coming at this time to speak to Lightworkers: You are walking between worlds now. Already, you go from the old to the new and back again. You weave, you bridge, you blast with the Light. You create the New World. Never doubt that you are here to do this, and we are with you.

Place your grounding within the New World now. This will hold you steady against the tsunamis of deconstruction in the old world. In the light of the crystalline grid lies all you will need to continue the construction. In the days to come, these new creations will be seen and enjoyed by all on the physical plane.

We rejoice and stand steadfastly with you."

Offered by The Arcturian Council of Light through Annanandia Denine.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shedding the Snakeskin

"We would speak of the time to come - a time of equal partnership: a time of collaboration in all things.

As human kind sheds its old skin, he~she is made lithe and new in the light. You are all now like snakes ready to shed. The old skin has served its purpose and is deconstructing even as the new is just beneath. As you emerge from this shedding, many of the discomforts that beset you will also fall away. You will be unencumbered and ready to move forward on an entirely new level.

In these new creations, we will be with you, providing the templates of energy for you to construct an amazing and wondrous life here in the Garden of Earth."

The Arcturian Council of Light
Offered through Annanandia-Denine

***Note from Denine:
Time as we know it is shifting, and the process of death/birth, yin/yang become very interwoven: just as the snake is already wearing his new skin even as he sheds the old.
This process is about to become even more profound as we traverse the 3 eclipses and the summer solstice in rapid succession:
June 1 partial solar eclipse
June 14 total lunar eclipse
June 21 summer solstice
July 1 partial solar eclipse

Sudden endings, and beginnings, can be expected. The more we can focus on letting the old skin fall away without resistance, grateful for all the experience we gleaned within it, and feel the delicious sensation of the new skin, the easier it will be for us.

Call upon the Arcturians and your team of higher helpers to assist you in this process. Be with each other in loving attendance. Hold ceremony to honor that which passes away and celebrate what is being born anew.

In Lak'ech* - Denine
(*Mayan greeting: In you I see another me, in me another you.)

Last week I was guided to make a flower essence combination on the Big Island called The Garden of Eden mix. It holds special energetic support for the process described above. Email me if you want a bottle: $9 + postage

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Cosmic Cervix Opens...

Dearest Ones:

It is The High Galactic Council speaking today. A time has come wherein all plans may be laid aside, for everything has been reborn, and continues to be in these next months. Whatever you had believed to be may be no more upon this far away shore. It is time for human kind to hit the "Reset" button on their divine plans, for truly an evolution of mammoth proportions does occur.

Do not cling to a plan simply because it was once beloved of your heart. Re-examine. Reset, and see what new may call to be birthed through you. Let go of all attachment to what you once thought was to be. The galactic brethren from across this galaxy and far beyond are here to foster your plans. Remember, however, you are the Ones here in physical form, and, by divine agreement, it is you, and you alone, who can ultimately make manifest the material. Call upon us for the imprints of energy that allow for the new creations, and know we are ever with you.

The High Galactic Council through Annanandia-Denine

***Note from Denine: I am hearing that the wheel has made a massive turn that goes beyond personal plans being changed: this involves Cosmic plans being changed and Earth's plan going into a somewhat alternate scenario for her ascension. I can see the cosmic cervix dilated between 3-4 centimeters in the process of birthing the ascended Earth. Be open to the fact that you may be someone for whom there are major changes in what you once had as your divine plan. If you are someone who "knows they are on a soul mission", give yourself space to consider this. It may be quite unsettling at first, but is all for our highest good and will ultimately move us quicker and easier into wonderful new creations.
Wishing all a blessed Earth Day - Denine

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Light Revolution

Dearest Ones -

It is The Arcturian Council of Light with Mother Mary. There is a revolution raging, and we are all in it. Those who are still rubbing the sleep from their eyes may not even be aware of its occurrence, but more are awakening in every moment to the truth of knowing held dormant within them; awakening to the role each One plays in the holding of the Light.

BE the Light that you are. As storm clouds of darkness may blow by, join hands with one another, and stand in your Light. Beam it out into the chaos, into the darkness, into the suffering and into the World. The days ahead will hold many opportunities to hold the Light on a united front, pressing forward an agenda of balanced New Earth harmony as the old tyrannies and inequities fall away.

Be of strong heart, love one another. Hold fast to the knowing that we stand ever at your side, and together we cannot be defeated.

Offered by Mother Mary and the Arcturian Council of Light through Annanandia-Denine